Our Practice

The KLA Advantage

We have adopted a unique business model that enables us to deliver practical, business-oriented legal advice in a cost-effective manner. We advise clients in business matters such as business formation, venture capital and private equity financing, intellectual property and commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions and executive compensation. These matters comprise the vast majority of a growing company’s legal needs.

We don’t pretend to be all things to all clients, and for those situations that require the expertise of a specialist in areas such as litigation, real estate or patents, we will work with our clients to engage the best attorneys for these specific needs, in much the same way that a general counsel will hire different law firms for different tasks.

We believe that our focused business model enables us to deliver a higher level of responsiveness and value to our emerging company clients.

On Billing Rates and Value

At KLA, we seek to deliver greater value to our clients, by providing expert business-oriented legal advice at a fair and reasonable cost that is lower than that of any large law firm. The key attributes of our fee structure are:

Lower Billing Rates. When we founded KLA, we set out to create a sustainable business model that would enable us to charge our clients a base rate that is at least 30% lower than large-firm rates. As a result, the current billing rate of a KLA partner with 20 years of experience is equal to the billing rate of a fourth year associate at a major Bay area firm.

Flexible and Creative Billing Arrangements. Many clients feel that the hourly billing regime misaligns the attorney’s incentives with their own interests. We are open to alternative billing arrangements, such as monthly retainers or sliding-scale fees for general corporate counseling and contingent or fixed fees for transactions. We also have the flexibility to enter into deferred fee arrangements with our startup clients.

Value. While we do believe that your total legal fees will be significantly lower with KLA than with a traditional law firm, we don’t want you to choose us simply because we are cheaper by the hour. By striving to deliver greater value, our goal is to establish deeper relationships with our clients. We want you to view us as part of your team, rather than as a cost of doing business.